Friday, 31 July 2015

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How to Restore Firefox as Your Default Browser for Windows 10

How to Restore Firefox as Your Default Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft has rushed to windows 10 so that users have to set a default app for applications like web browsers, calendar, or mail. This is the huge change for Chrome and Firefox browsers because the setup installers for Firefox and Chrome can no longer set as the default browser during the install process. Mozilla isn't happy with Microsoft's decision.

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard accuses that Microsoft's decision to make its Edge the default browser in Windows 10 an "aggressive move to override user choice."
In an open latter and a blog post Mozilla CEO Chris Beard outlines the company’s concerns to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, "It now takes more than twice the number of mouse clicks, scrolling through content and some technical sophistication for people to reassert the choices they had previously made in earlier versions of Windows," claims Beard. "It’s confusing, hard to navigate and easy to get lost."
Microsoft blasts Firefox for Windows 10, Mozilla CEO isn't happy with Microsoft's decision.

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